PNP X Julia B Collaboration

Julie x PNP Julie x PNP


This year’s Pick n Pay Clothing x JULIA collaboration pays tribute to people around the world who have suffered under the Corona Virus pandemic. Made up of two prints and four different garments, this range offers a series of limited-edition items designed for comfort and class.

The signature floral print, which has been carefully hand-drawn and digitally adapted is made up of white poppies; a universal symbol for remembrance and peace.

Over the past year and a half people have faced unprecedented changes in their lives, many of which have had devastating effects on individuals, families and businesses. The poppy represents hope, which is ultimately what carries us through times of hardship. These soft, white flowers are cheerful, attracting a glorious variety of butterflies and bees. They bring life, movement and colour to the garden. The print speaks of a new kind of lifestyle, where people’s attention has been redirected to appreciating the outdoors and return to the basics.

The blues in the two prints create a sense of harmony and calmness. We hope that this print can provide a feeling of tranquillity and act as a gentle reminder to us all to slow down, reflect and be kind to ourselves and those around us.

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